Monday, June 27, 2011

Killing Jean Claude Van Damme

Assassinating Jean Claude Van Damme must be awfully frustrating. Killing a man who can perform a full leg split anywhere and at any time .....

poses quite the challenge for the hit man.

Imagine the hit man explaining the failed attempt to his mob boss.

Mob boss ---" So did you kill him ?"

Hitman---" ".

Mob boss---" Why not ?..what happened ?.......Did you shoot his legs out from under him like I told you ?"

Hitman---"Well I did shoot directly beneath his waistline ........yet I hit nothing !"

Mob boss---" What do you mean you hit nothing ?....Did he dart out of the room ?"

Hitman --- "No, he remained in front of me.........smiling."

Mob boss---" How could he still be in front of you and at the same time have not one bullet in either leg ? ....Where the sam hill were his legs ?"

Hitman ----" His legs were on the counter."

Mob boss ---" So what did you do next ?"

Hitman ---" I left."

Mob Boss---" Why did you leave ?"

Hitman ---" I was impressed."

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